Chris Sommer

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

Ear pendants 18K. Red and white gold with aquamarine and diamond.

About Chris Sommer

From the moment I envision a design, I get excited to create that jewel. I continuously challenge myself in working with different materials and techniques. The synergy between a jewel and its wearer is the crowning glory to my work. When they complement each others beauty, my work is done.


Many people act surprised when told that all my jewels are handmade, yet I wouldn’t want it any other way. Crafting every piece by hand allows me to make each jewel unique. It gives me so much satisfaction to look for the tension between material and technique. In all of this, quality is key. Not only the quality of the raw materials, but also the quality of the manufacturing is paramount.

I am glad to notice a reappreciation of craftsmanship and mastery in the Dutch culture. This tendency should, in my opinion, be applauded and is one of the reasons I joined the Dutch Guild of Goldsmiths as a Master Goldsmith. For the past year, I have proudly been the chairman of this amazing group of craftsmen and -women.


Atelier Chris Sommer
Overslingeland 23
4225 NK Noordeloos
the Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)184-651343


Opening hours: wednesday to saturday from 10am to 5pm

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